Extensive Reading

What is Extensive Reading?

  • Reading A LOT! Reading every day.
  • Easy reading.
  • Choosing a book that is interesting to you.
  • NO tests or quizzes!
  • Reading at your own pace.

Why Extensive Reading?

You can improve vocabulary, spelling, speed, comprehension, grammar, and writing style through readingReading is best preparation for college, best tool for language acquisition. It is the heart of education, and will assist you in your job and in life. Best way to improve reading skill?  Read more and more often.

You will benefit most from extensive reading if you follow these two essential rules:

1.   Choose an easy book!

2.   Choose a book that you will ENJOY!

 How to Choose a Book

  • Choose a book that interests you.
  • Evaluate the book. Read the front and back covers. Read the first few pages, to find out about the style and subject.
  • Check the difficulty level. To find out how difficult the book is for you, count the number of unknown key words on a typical page. More than 5 unknown key words on one page means the book is difficult for you. Zero unknown words means the book is easy. Remember, you want to relax and enjoy the reading, not struggle with it.

 Hints for Success in Extensive Reading

  • Make reading a part of your daily routine. Set a time and place for reading. Read for at least 30 minutes at a time so that you can become involved in your book.
  • Carry your book wherever you go and read it whenever you have time.
  • If your book is boring or too difficult, CHANGE IT!!! 

Extensive Reading in this Clas

  • We will walk over to the McCully Public Library. Please bring your passport so that you can check out a book. We will get library cards for all of you, I will give you a library tour, and then you will have time to browse the stacks and find a book that you want to read.
  • You will read this book in your free time, for homework.
  • When you finish a book, you will be responsible for returning it to the library on time, and checking out a new book.
  •  You must keep a daily reading chart, and record how many pages you are reading each day. You will show me this chart once a week, on Thursday.
  • You must read at least 500 pages this term.



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