My Name

Please read the story “My Name” and write a 1 paragraph to summarize this story.


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  1. Rina Takeshita says:

    The main character, Esperanza, was born in the Chinese year of the horse, which is supposed to be bad luck if you are born female. She is named after her great-grandmother, who like Esperanza was born in the year. Her name, Esperanza, has a lot of meanings in Spanish. The Chinese year of the horse is just a meditation on identity and a declaration of personality, so she thinks that it represents just looking down women. Her great-grandmother also felt how women were looked down by men. Most women didn’t have their freedom, and they felt sadness sitting by the window in that age. Esperanza inherited her great-grandmother’s name, but she doesn’t want to inherit even her feelings or her environment. Some of her friends say her name funny though in Spanish her name is made out of a softer something like silver. She wants to get a new name and be christened.

    • Rina Takeshita says:

      1. Theme of My Name
      I think that the deeper meaning in this story is how difficult the women get their freedom in such a hard society. In the U.S., Hispanics or Latinos are the largest minority group, and the main character, Esperanza, is Mexican-American. They are looked down by American. In addition, they moved from Mexico to Chicago, so their home country is not the U.S. Especially for women, it’s hard to live in the country that is different from their home country. Esperanza’s great-grand mother had no choice, so she unhappily married with her husband whom she didn’t like. After she married, she lost her freedom. Like the Chinese year of the horse, Mexican just want their women to be weak, and men makes women be sad. Women always have to struggle to get freedom. Esperanza also struggled to change herself by getting a new name which is more real to her, because she didn’t want to be like her great-grand mother. In the different country and culture, it is difficult to adjust to the environment, but she hopes and wants to do so. She can select which she wants to be: Mexican or American, like her name has a lot of different meanings depends on Spanish or English.

      2. My name’s adjectives
      R: Responsible (have responsibility for everything after coming to Hawaii)
      I: Independent (do everything by myself without someone’s help)
      N: Natural (behave naturally. don’t care about anything)
      A: Active (do everything soon which I’m interested in)

  2. Rina Kataoka says:

    It is story about Esperanza Cordero in 1991 when she was a young girl. She was born in the Chinese year of the horse as a Mexican-American girl. She was named Esperanza that is from her great-grandmother. She was also born in the Chinese year of the horse. Although Esperanza means hope in English, it has not a good meaning in Spanish. Besides, the hors woman seemed like a poor luck in the Chinese and Mexicans at that time. The reason why is because they hated that women are stronger than men. Actually, in spite of the fact that her great-grandmother was wild before she married, she suffered from her husband. Esperanza also experienced hardship at her school because of her name. However, she thought her real name could not control herself, so she named a new name to manage herself.

    • micahpexa says:

      Some good ideas here. ‘A’

    • Rina Kataoka says:

      R: Renew my life (I want to change my life and my character)
      I: In Hawaii, get (I want to find and obtain something here)
      N: New more (I want to get and know new culture, people, and so on)
      A: Active life (I want to be active, positive and willing)

      • ria124 says:

        This first theme is women’s freedom and right. Esperanza, the name came from her great-grandmother. They both were born female in year of the hose, which means bad luck in China and Mexico. There were no fact like that, but lied because they didn’t like strong women. As if against it, her great-grandmother lived wild and didn’t want to married. Even so, she was forcibly married, and lost her hope and freedom. Esperanza didn’t want to be like her great-grandmother, so she tried to live be free regardless of generally women’s right. Second theme is how she should live her own life as a Mexican in the U.S. Her name means bad such as sadness or waiting in Spanish. Since born in Mexico, even if it means hope in English, she was named her name like sobbing song from her father. After that, her family and she moved to the U.S. At school also, other students make funny her name because the sound was like tin and hurt the roof of their mouth. From family, she was looked as a bad luck because of Mexican. At the school, she was teased from classmates because of her name’s sound of English. Therefore, she tried to be positive like her name’s sound in Spanish not uglier because it was like silver, softer, and not quite thick. Thus, she suffered from her name as a Mexican, American, or like her great-grandmother. However, she tried to control herself under her new name without these suffering.

      • micahpexa says:

        Nice work, Rina! ‘A’

  3. Eri says:

    Main character, Esperanza, was named after her great-grandmother’s name. Her name has many different meaning such as hope, letters, sadness, waiting, and number nine. She was born in the Chinese years of the horse which was same as her great-grandmother. At the time, many men regarded women as a bad luck, because men does not like woman’s authority. Her great-grandmother was a very vigorous person who does not want to marry anyone. However, her great-grandmother forced to marry her great-grandfather and he treats her roughly like as contemptuously. The fact remains that she never forgave him certainly. When she looked out the window, she realized that so many women were the same feeling as her great-grandmother’s emotions. Main character, Esperanza, succeed her great-grandmother’s name, yet does not want to follow the same situation as her great-grandmother’s life. At the end of the story, she(main character) wants to have a real name that she can describe herself more “real me”.

    • micahpexa says:

      Some good thoughts and ideas here. ‘A’

    • Eri says:

      1, Theme of “My Name”
      The deeper message in this story is that how they(main character, author) can live as a different person in a different country .The author moved to Chicago from Mexico. First, it was difficult to accept the new American culture or environment, especially for newcomers. Main character “Esperanza” has many different meaning. In English her name is “hope”, but in spanish her name is “sadness”. She was struggle against which Esperanza she wants to be. Does she lives as Americans with her strong personality and full of “hope”, or she just “waiting” and live in the middle of “sadness” as same as her great-grandmother. She can choose which “Esperanza” she wants be. She wants to have a new name that she can identify herself more “real me.” But she knew that she was always “Esperanza.” Because her great-grandmother could not change her life better even she had strongly “hope”. She was “waiting” and “sadness” as same as the regular spanish. However, at least main character “Esperanza” can change herself anytime she wants.

      2, My Name
      E- Energetic ( same as American)
      R- Recycle (save money for my future)
      I- Independent ( as an adult, woman and mother)
      T-Top (always try my best and aim my goal)
      A- Associate (connected with other people, join more volunteer work)
      N- No Japanese (I will try to speak Only English)
      A- Aggressive (non stop study English)
      K- Kindness (always have gratitude to others)
      A- Aloha spirit (be my family)

  4. yuka says:

    Main character is Esperanza Cordero, Mexican-American girl. Her name has a lot of meaning: hope, sadness, waiting, and nine. She was named Esperanza, same her great-grandmother’s name, by her family. They were similar to character such as horse women, but she did not have inherited grandmother’s name. Because of this, she did not want to live in sadness. At school, her friends made fun of her about her name’s syllables. Thus, she really wanted to have another name. In short, in Spanish her name had positive and beautiful meaning, but in English one meaning was opposite.

    • micahpexa says:

      Some nice ideas. ‘A’

    • yuka says:

      I want to know my others countries’ friends’ history. My roommate, coming from Bangladesh, whose religion is Islam, so she cannot eat pork. If I wouldn’t know that and order it for her at a restaurant, she might feel bad. That’s why I need to learn my friends’ background.

      U-buntu (This meaning is human kindness) …
      Hawaii is a multiracial nation composed of various races, so I want to accept various cultures and characters.

      I want to be a keen student because of improving English.

      I have tried to associate various activities and volunteerings: hiking, museum, helping people in some events.

    • yuka says:

      I think that the short story has two themes: women’s rights and Mexican Americans’ mental conflict. First, Esperanza’s great-grandmother story shows women’s low socioeconomic status that women had no choice about marriage and freedom. For instance, notwithstanding her great-grandmother was strongly independent-minded that she wanted to live alone and freedom, Esperanza’s great-grandfather forced her great-grandmother to marry, and she never ran away from him. Secondly, it shows and Mexican Americans’ mental conflict thought the origin of Esperanza’s name and meaning. Her name’s meaning in Mexico totally differed from that in U.S. Despite her name having good meaning in Mexico, she did not say to want to back home to Mexico. In short words, I guess that she wanted to become the true American. In other words, she might want to be approved true her personality by her family and friends and feel the meaning of my existence.

      • micahpexa says:

        Maybe not so much “true American.” Maybe more of her own 3rd culture- her own blend of her Mexican and American cultures. But nice job. And by the way, this is an English class, not Swahili! ‘A’

  5. TATSUYA YANO says:

    Esperanza Cordero, the main character, is a young Mexican-American girl whose family moves
    to Mango Street. Her name means hope in English. However, it also included meaning of the bad luck in Spanish. Her grandmother who has the same name Esperanza was born like main character in the Chinese year of the horse. It was supposed to be bad luck for female because Chinese, like the Mexicans,don’t like their women strong. Though It was miserable life, her grandma wanted to live in the wild. When she looked out the window her whole life, there were many women who sit their sadness on an elbow. She (main character) didn’t want to be such a woman, so she would like to baptize herself under new name like the real me.

    • micahpexa says:

      Some good ideas here, Tatsuya. ‘A’

    • TATSUYA YANO says:

      1.The themes of My Name
      I felt deeply that the themes of this story are women rights and discrimination. In the U.S.,Hispanics or Latinos, are the largest minority group. Minority is difficult to make remarks strongly,so Esperanza must have been frustrated. Not only America at that time, there are some human rights issues of women and discrimination even today.The Author wanted to tell everyone who reads this story that there were such problems at that time and she has dissatisfaction about them, I think.

      2. T oughness …I feel that I have become tough before I was in Japan because we need to adapt to different cultures.
      A dventurous…because I came to Hawaii from Japan.
      T hink…When I am in Japan, I am lazy person,so I can’t think deeply.However, I have become to think deeply about different cultures since I came to Hawaii.
      S unburn…Sunlight is so strong in Hawaii that I have a sunburn already. It is specific change.
      U sing English…There is not opportunity to speak English.
      Y oung…I feel more young than when I was in Japan.
      A greement…I learned importance of the sense of cooperation by home staying.

      • micahpexa says:

        You need to also think about her name and why she wanted to change it. Maybe finding herself with her own culture- not Mexican, not American, but a mix of both. Nice job on your name. ‘B+’

  6. DongJin, Kim says:

    Esperanza. Her name has many meanings. In English, it means hope. In Spanish, it means sadness, waiting, the number nine. Her name was inheritted from her great-grandmother. Esperanza and her great-grandmother borned at same Chinese year of the horse. At that time, if the female was borned, it would be supposed to be bad luck because Chineses didn’t like their women strong. Her great-grandmother had sad story from her husband that he carried her roughly.
    She never forgave him, and she looked out the window and thought negatively. As this reason, even though she has inherited her name, she doesn’t want to inherit ger place by the window.
    At school, her name, Esperanza, is called like funny. She wants to get new real name which has positive meaning. She wants to be told the new name.

    • micahpexa says:

      Good work, Justin. ‘A’

    • DongJin, Kim says:

      1. In this shoty story, as the auther tell this, she wants to say about how important name is.
      It means our name shows the our all of things like identification. Esperanza does not want to have her name any more. This name is from her great-grand mother. As Esperanza has this name from her great-grand mother, it reflects great-grand mother’s life.
      In this part, the auther wants to criticize on the horse chinese zodiac and the past of women’s weakness. Both the great-grand mother and Esperanza have a horse chinese zodiac. At this age, the horse chinese zodiac for woman has negative meaning that woman should not be a strong. As this meaning, the author comments on stereotype of women’s rights. The great-grand mother is reflected about women’s weakness. Because of these reasons, Esperanza wants to get the new name. She believes that the new name make her be happier than now. As the author mentions about Esperanza’s story, she wants to break the streotyped idea from that age. She wants to change the reality.

      2. D : Democratic ( I do not want arguement, Just set the peace.)
      O : Oriental ( I am from Korea in Asia. I never forget my esteem of Korea.)
      N : Natural ( I really like the Hawaiian natural life.)
      G : Generous ( I am not worried about anything. Every time, I think about only positive things.
      J : Jaunty( I want to show my confidence.)
      I : Independence ( I can live by myself.)
      N : Necessary ( Whenever my friends need my help, I can help them. I want to be a necessary existance.)

      • micahpexa says:

        So what is her identity? You need to think about her new name and new identity as a mix between Mexican and American cultures. But good effort. ‘A-‘

  7. DongOk says:

    The main character is Esperanza Cordero. Her name is same as her great-grandmother’s name, because she inherited great-grandmother’s name. Also, Esperanza was born in the Chinese year of the horse, and her great-grandmother, too. The horse year is bad luck for woman in Chinese and Mexicans, because they do not like their woman stronger than man. Her great-grandmother does not want to marriage, but she got marriage. When she looked back on her whole life, her feeling is sadness. Esperanza, the main character, does not want to inherit her great-grandmother’s life, so she is baptized her new name herself.

    • micahpexa says:

      Nice job, Dong Ok. “A’

    • DongOk says:

      Many countries are not equal to women and men all the ages. Long time ago, women cannot vote, and they cannot get a job. Most women work at house all the time, and they take care of their family. Even though women have good skills, they are not able to get many opportunities and show off their abilities. Also, some countries are not equal to women and men nowadays, too. When I hear the news about women’s equal right, the women were persecuted in many ways. Women and men seem like equal, but it still not equal. Few weeks ago in class, I learned about superheroes in cinema and the most of the superheroes are male. From this even though US have women’s equal right but still they have mind that men are more strong and powerful in this society. I hope this change in future time and hopefully the women living in no rights get their own life without prejudice.

      D o study – because I am studying in America
      O bserve – because of living in America I observe many things that I could not do in Korea.
      N ew – because of living in America I have new life
      G ap – my age is older than the classmate so
      O pen – open mind
      K eep – keep study English

      • micahpexa says:

        Yes, women’s rights is one theme, but you need to explain how in this story. About her grandmother, her grandmother’s name, etc. Also you need to think more about her new name and her new identity- a mix of Mexican and American. But good effort and I like your name. ‘B’

  8. Kasumi says:

    Esperanza have a lot of meaning. Esperanza was main cahracter’s grandmother name. Woman born in the Chinese year of the horse which is bad luck for women. Because Chinese dont like woman strong. She wants new name . Her friends make her funny because of her name. She wants to get more real name.

  9. Hiroka Ueda says:

    The main character is Esperanza. She was born in the Chinese year of the horse. This year is supposed to be bad luck for women in China and Mexico, because they don’t prefer their women strong. Esperanza inherits her grandmother’s name.Her grandmoter wouldn’t marry.Esperanza thinks her grandmother wasn’t happy. She doen’t want to inherit her sadness. In Spanish, Esperanza has a good meaning. It means hope. But in English, her name doesn’t have good meanings, like sadness, waiting, 9, and muddy color. At school, her friends mock her name. She doesn’t like her name so she wants a new name which is more like the real her.

    • micahpexa says:

      Ok, I got your comment, Hiroka. I needed to approve it. Good job. ‘A’

    • Hiroka Ueda says:

      Deeper meaning of My Name
      The first deeper meaning is women’s status. When this story was written, Mexican women still didn’t have a good status like Esperanza’s great-grandmother. At that time, women can’t say anything about marriage, too. The one reason why Esperanza doesn’t want to inherit her grandmother’s name is she doesn’t like the situation that women aren’t strong like men and she wants freedom. She thinks she doesn’t have to inherit the Mexican culture (women is weak) and get freedom by changing her name. The second deeper meaning is identity. She wants a new name because it’s difficult to identify herself because “Esperanza” is both American and Mexican name. So she want real name that she can identify herself clearly. She is confused who she is (is she American or Mexican?).

    • Hiroka Ueda says:

      Hard – English and foreign cultures are difficult. Study hard.
      Independent – do by myself
      Relax – go to the beach, Three days weekend
      Outgoing – talkative, Go outside
      Knowledge – vocabulary, conversation, culture
      Ambitious – I want to know and learn more.

  10. Nishijima Kazuhiro says:

    Esperanza, she is the main character, she concerned about her name. her name has a lot of meanings (hope, sadness, waiting) because she born Chinese year of the house. This day has meaning that if Chinese born at this day, she had a bad luck. Also, she doesn’t like this name because her great-grandmother is very strong women, and she doesn’t want to be like her. Moreover, she was laughed by her friends about her name. so she want to baptize herself under a new name, and this name like the real her.

    • micahpexa says:

      Nice job, Kazu. ‘A’

    • Nishijima Kazuhiro says:

      This short story has two themes: Mexican-American and women rights. First, this story’s lead-character has Mexican name, and she has two culture: American, and Mexican.I think she concerned about which is her identity. She had some of tradition of Mexico, but actually, she lived in America. So she want name that was represented herself’s now. Also, women right is theme of this story. When this story was written, women don’t have much right, like her great-grandmother. So she don’t want the name which was bad backward. Moreover, she don’t want traditional name because Esperanza is the name for women, and it has bad meaning. In short, she don’t want to be bound by her race and sex.

      K: Kind
      A: Autonomous
      Z: Zippy
      U: Utility

  11. Hayami says:

    Her name is Esperanza. She inherited this name from her great-grandmother. Both of them are a house woman, which is thought to be bad luck in Chine. Her great-grandmother was so wild that she had been thought she wouldn’t marry until she met her great-grandfather. In English, her name is ugly but she doesn’t change her name. She is always Esperanza.

    • micahpexa says:

      Some good thoughts here, Hayami. But a bit too short. Please write a full paragraph next time. ‘B’

    • Hayami says:

      This story tells us the change of women’s position. Esperanza’s grand-grandmother was persecuted by her husband and she looked out the window sitting her sadness on an elbow. I think outside the window means freedom, so she looked out. She wanted to get freedom and be happy. Now, Esperanza hopes to change her future. She wants to be new person. Esperanza is the symbol of women who want to change their situation. So I guess the story tells us that women and men are not difference and that women should be live strongly and freely.

      Hard-studying…I have to study hard.
      Agreeable…I want to be an agreeable person.
      happY…I am happy now.
      Active…I’m more active than I’m in Japan.
      Money-saving…When I’m in Japan, I often wasted my money. So I have to save money.
      Interest…I’m interested in a lot of things.

      • micahpexa says:

        Yes, women’s rights is an important theme in this story. But you need to think more about her new name and new identity as a person who is a mix of both Mexican and American cultures. ‘B’

  12. Kiyoka says:

    The main character’s name is Esperanza Cordero. “Esperanza” has a lot of means: hope, sadness, and waiting. Also “Esperanza” is her great-grand mother’s name. Her great-grand mother was born in the Chinese year of the horse, and also Esperanza was born same Chinese year. Chinese horse year is bad luck because the Chinese don’t like the women strong. So Esperanza does not want to inherit her name, and she would like to baptize her self under anew name more like the real her.

    • micahpexa says:

      Nice job, Kiyoka. ‘A’

    • Kiyoka says:

      I think the theme of this story is the women’s right.Esperanza is a Mexican-American. Her name is different meaning in both culture. Esperanza’s great-grand mother, who has the same name of her, married a man, but she lost her freedom because of marriage. Her great-grand mother was very strong person, but in Mexico, strong women was not liked. Women were forced to be weak. Now Esperanza is in America. She want not to be like her, and find real her there. She want to be new person in new place.

    • Kiyoka says:

      Kind – I try to be kind
      Independent – I try to everything by myself
      healthY – I eat more vegetables and do more exercise than when I was in Japan
      Out-of-doors – I try to go out as many time as possible
      Keen – I study hard in school
      Accommodate – I accommodate myself to new surroundings

      • micahpexa says:

        Some good ideas Kiyoka. Yes find her new self, but you need to mention that her new self is a mix of American and Mexican cultures. ‘A-‘

  13. PLAI says:

    Esperanza is a name interpreted in many ways. It was a name inherited from her great grandmother. In English is means hope, but in Spanish it means “too many letters”. The name originated from her grandmother who was born in the Chinese new year of the horse which is bad luck for a woman to be born in. Her grandmother was sad her whole life and never forgave her husband for a marriage so forced. Though the name Esperanza was inherited, she doesn’t want to inherit the life her great grandmother had; she wants to baptize herself under a new name, a name that she won’t get teased at school.

  14. Chikage says:

    This story is about name. The main character is Esperanza. She has a lot of meaning about her name. And she was born in the Chinese year of the horse. And it is bad for female to be born that year. But it is Chinese lie. Esperanza is her great grandmother’s name. And she thinks about her new name.

  15. Ayumi says:

    the theme of this story is telling importance of name and all culture have different culture and name has lots of meaning in every culture. a deeper theme is that we don’t being ourselves with one culture. we can’t be us with one culture. we all are being me with lots of influences of lots of culture and many experiences. and we can be any person if we want to. even the name has weird meaning we can still can be different person if we really want to be.

    A- Active
    Y- young

    • micahpexa says:

      Yes, excellent ideas on names and identity and culture. But this story also talks about her name with her grandmother and ideas of women’s rights and freedom. Also, you need to tell us why you chose those adjectives for your name. ”B-‘

  16. Plai says:

    Party girl – Waikiki is a party city. So im enjoy with party in here every week.
    Lover- I want to be a good lover for my boyfriend.
    Attention- Work hard Play hard ! Im gonna pay attention in school and hang out
    Impossible- I want to do the thing that people said its impossible. Like someone said its really hard to stay alone far away from your family. I think i can do that and im fine !

    • Plai says:

      The theme of this story. I think the story want to tell us about women right. When women got married, she lost her freedom. And in this story talking about right between man and woman in US and Mexico. And this story talking about culture in different country. Beside, the auther want to tell us about meaning of name and zidiac belief too

      • micahpexa says:

        Nice job on your name. But you need to talk about how women’s rights relates to this story and to her grandmother and her name. Also, you need to think about her new name and her new identity and culture- a mix of Mexican and American cultures. ”B’

  17. Kasumi says:

    Study hard
    Used to enviroment

    The story of My name wants to tell us freedom and people have diferent culuture. Long time ago, women does not have freedom. People grow up didferent environment,different custom and different culuture so that people are different.

    • micahpexa says:

      You need to tell us why you chose those adjectives for your name. And you need to connect your ideas about freedom and culture to the story. How about women’s rights and her grandmother’s name? How about her new name and identity as a mix of Mexican and American cultures? ‘C’

  18. Chikage Ota says:


    The deeper meaning of the story is about women status and sadness. In Spanish, she doesn’t have good meaning of her name, because of her great grand mother. She doesn’t want to be weak woman like her great grand mother.

    • micahpexa says:

      You need to tell us why you chose those adjectives for your name. Also, give more detail on why she doesn’t want to be like her grandmother, and also think about her new name and new culture- a mix of Mexican and American cultures. ‘C+’

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