Lion/Otter/Golden Retriever/Beaver


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  1. micahpexa says:

    Homework for Thursday, 8/22
    Read/Take the personality test (Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, Beaver)
    Write a 1 paragraph blog comment here, answering these questions:
    1. Do you agree or disagree with what this test says for you?
    2. What are your strengths? How will you use these strengths in your life?
    3. What are your weaknesses? How will you improve them in your life?

    • Kasumi Sekiguchi says:

      I agree with the test said. The test said that I am friendly but I do not like big changes. My strengths is can be friend with anybody and I like to communicate with people. It is going to good in my future because i will meet various people when i start work. My weakness is indecisive. I cannot decide soon. When I go to restaurant, I cannot decide what I am going to eat. I have to overcome so if i have no idea or i cannot decide, I ask to someone to get advice. When I get the advice, it is easier to decide. \

    • yuka sato says:

      I agree with the test nearly, but I don’t think so part of a result which the test describe my strength is calm. I think my temperament whose change in emotions are sometimes intense. On the other hand, it says my weakness point is indecisive. Exactly!! For instance, when I decide directions of my future, I always think about it seriously. If didn’t find my way, I tryed to analyze myself objectively, quit thinking, or asked somebody who I respect. In sum, I think it is most important how I feel and improve my weakness points after taking a psychology test. Micah!! Thank you for sharing the test!! I really enjoyed doing HW:))

  2. ayumi says:

    I sometime agree with what this test says. my strength is positive and it says so. I think to have fun life, being positive is very important thing. When I have to live by my self if I have a motto of being positive, I think I can have fun. my weakness is I sometime think too much positive way. If I have some trouble, I should just think about what I did not to do those things again.

  3. Akifumi Yagi says:

    I agree with the test. I think I’m positive thinking. I like having fun and I’m enjoying my life. And also I like talking. But sometimes I talk too much. So it is my weakness point. So I will try not to talk in the public space.

  4. chikage says:

    l think I agree with the test. because I think I’m positive person and I like having fun. it is my strength point. and I’m enjoying my life. and I like talking with people but I talk too much. so I will try not to talk in the public space.

  5. tatsuya yano says:

    I agree with the result. My result was type of Lion. I am self-centered a little. that’s my weakness,so
    I think that I should be more cooperative. In order to become that person, I had better try to believe the story that people say. I always say my opinion directly and strongly like Americans.
    I want to make good relationship to use this strength.

  6. Eri says:

    Yes, I agree with the personality test. Especially, the type of the person do not like Big Changes. Yes!! I do not like big changes!! I usually choose the safe way in my life. I can not take big risks. I have friends with very strong relationships, however not too many. My strength point is that I can adjust other people’s ideas or feeling. I can get along with other people easily. On the other hand, my weakness point is that I am not good at express my emotional feeling to others. Due to this, sometimes they misunderstand my feeling. I should choose the right words for others what I really want to say. I will work on that more. Thank you for sharing the interesting test, Micah!!

  7. Rina Takeshita says:

    Yes, I agree with what this test says. I love all of my friends, and enjoy being popular and influencing and motivating others. I do not like competing with them and taking any risks. So I avoid confrontations. I hope there are no discord around us. My strength point is making a lot of friends and understanding greatly each other. So I can know a lot of things from them such us cultural difference, the way to success in various environments and the knowledge I didn’t know. On the other hand, my weakness point is being in hurry when I don’t need to hurry. Sometimes I cannot talk well with my friends, mistake something and forget important things because of this weakness point. So I try to calm down at any time. This test was so interesting for me. It shows my personality well. Thank you.

  8. Hiroka says:

    I agree with the test. I don’t like big changes. I work best in a limited situation with a steady work pattern. I like to make friends and sometimes I have deep relationships with my friends. I think being too soft to other people is my weakness so I have to try to be more assertive. I always give in to others because I don’t want to be in opposition with them and I want to be loved by everyone. I never want to take risks so I’m always careful. I’m also calm and sometimes sensitive.

  9. Nishijima Kazuhiro says:

    I almost agree with the result of this test, but I can’t agree the first word, organized. I think I don’t like organized by other person. Other thing is agree with, but I may not believe this psychological test because my weakness is Unrealistic expectation according this test. My strength is thinking logical. I like to think about some problems, and I like to talk the answer too. My weakness is a fear of stranger. So I was nervous in home I live in ( I’m in home-stay), but now is good.

  10. DongOk says:

    I agree with the test, but some are not similar to my personality. My strengths are a right way to do, and I like exact way. When I try to do something new, I checked several times. I do not want to fall into danger, so it will reduce risk. On the other hand, my weakness is creative. I interested about result, because I am not a creative. When I write essay, I have problem with brainstorm, but creative is strength point of this type of personality. I think my weakness need more time and practice.

  11. Hayami says:

    I agree with this test . I am afraid to take risk and I’m said that I am a realist. I don’t like sudden change and I cannot deal with it. So I want to plan what I should do and then move. This is my weakness. However, sudden change will hit me many times in my life. So I want to learn to see the optimistic side of things and think flexibly.

  12. DongJin, Kim says:

    Yes!! I totally agree with it!! Following this paragragh, I can enjoy being popular, inflencing and motivating others. It’s true. My personality is outgoing and positive. One thing that I’d like to be is to love to have fun. I want to be friendly with my classmates.
    My strength points which is mentioned at it are “open, positive”. Actually, in my life. I try to think all of things will be positive and good for everybody. I don’t want to bother any body so if somebody asked something to me, I might help to them as helpful as possible. I have also open mind though.
    So if someone wanted to be friendly with me, he/she could be easily.
    My weakness points are “Talks too much, too permissive”. In this case, I don’t need to reduce to talk too much. Sometimes it can make mood in embarassed situations. And then, talking is necessary for relationship with friends. So it’s that reason. “Permissive” is made me tired sometimes. I can’t refuse the requests. I feel responsible for them so I make me be exhausted by myself. One thing that I can improve this weakness, which is “Permissive”, is that I have to control myself carefully.
    Thanks to this test, I could check my personality and observe my own self. Thank you for sharing.
    It was great survey! Thank you!!

  13. Kiyoka Tatara says:

    Yes, I agree with this test. I am the Golden Retriever type. I do not like big changes, and have deep relationships, but usually only a couple of close friends. My strength are accommodating and calm. For example, I always do not forget myself in anger. However, my weakness are indecisiveness and being unable to express emotional. So I often cannot say what I want to say. I want to express myself more.

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