The Story of an Hour

Please write one paragraph for each question (2 paragraphs total) to answer the following questions about “The Story of an Hour.” Please read the story at home by yourself before answering these questions. I just want your first ideas about the story. We will talk more about the story together in class, and help you to understand it better.

1. What is this story about?

2. What is the deeper message in this story?


12 Responses to The Story of an Hour

  1. Eri says:

    This is my answer.
    Q1, What is this story about? This is my answer.
    The main character, Louise Mallard, has a heart problem. She found that her husband, Brently Mallard, was dead from the train accident. Her sister Josephine told her about that. She was shocked and feels more empty inside her body because of that. She was crying over and over. She wants to be alone for the moment. When she looking outside the window, and she feels some fresh air in a spring term. And then, something came up in her mind. She wants to be free. She is seeking for some freedom in her life. She is excited about it and her heart beat more faster than usual. She wants to live for herself with her strong feels. There is no way to have a right to impose a private will between men and women. She loved her husband sometimes. However, she though that what is love in her mind. Finally, she noticed that freedom is the strongest than love. At the end of the story, her husband, Brently Mallard, was alive to returned his trip. He did not die from the accident. However, it was too late that his wife, Mrs. Mallard had died of her heart disease in place of joy.

    Q2, What is the deeper message in this story?
    This story tell us about the main character’s changing personality. The main character, Mrs. Mallard has weak heart and feels down for the first paragraph. However, she is changing her mind and try to be strong as a person. She seeking for her own freedom. At that time, it is difficult to find the woman’s right because of many conflict. She found that freedom is the most important thing for her life more than love. To my surprise, her husband is alive and return to his wife!! That is the key of this story I think. Louise Mallard died of her joy at the end of the story. I want to know more about what is the author exactly tell us about the most. I am sorry, this is not a good reflection about the deeper message. However, all I can say is to these. Thank you!

  2. Hiroka says:

    Q1 What is this story about?
    The main character is Louise Mallard. She had a very weak heart. Her husband, Brently, was dead at a train accident. It was a bad news, so her sister, Josephine, told her softly. As soon as Josephine told about Brently, Louise tears broke out. But suddenly, she stopped crying and went to her room at upstairs because she wanted to be alone. In her room, at first, she couldn’t think at all. She was just empty. But she began to feel “free”. She didn’t have to care about her husband. She had no family. She was alone. Suddenly, she felt really happy. She went back to her sister and her friend, Richards at the downstairs. Then, a man opened the door. He was Louise’s husband, Brently. Louise was dead when her husband was alive.

    Q2 What is the deeper massage in this story?
    I think the deeper massage of this story is how important the “free” is for people. Louise didn’t have free when her husband was alive because she had to work for family or her husband. Maybe I think she didn’t allow to do her hobby or something which she liked to do. Also, the memo says that in 1890s when this story was written, women didn’t have much freedom. They didn’t have the right to vote yet in the U.S. Once she got free, she felt so happy. I learned getting a certain level of free or spending some time to do what we like is very important for us.

  3. Rina Takeshita says:

    Q1. What is this story about?
    The main character is Louise Mallard, a married woman. She has a heart trouble. One day, she finds out that her husband, Brently Mallard, has died suddenly. Her sister, Josephine, told her about the newspaper that his husband’s name was on the list of killed people. That was so sorrowful news for her. She cried so much. She was very tired after her tears and felt her heart were empty. However, she looked out the window and rested. She felt refreshed. The emptiness and fear left her. Suddenly, the feeling of joy excited her. Also, she thought she got freedom. She freed from her husband, and she found that the need for freedom is greater than the need for love. After a while, her husband suddenly came back home. However, he was too late. She died of joy even though her husband alive.

    Q2. What is the deeper massage in this story?
    I think this story tells us how important freedom is. Sometimes, such as this story,the need for freedom become greater than the need for love. Even if we feel any kinds of stress, we can free from them if we know the way to get freedom and the way to be relaxed. Also, it is the important point that she changed her way of thinking suddenly from her experiences or problems. We can solve problems if we look at something in a new light. I learned about those. I couldn’t understand this story well, but I believe I will be able to write better sentences after studying more about this story in the reading class on this Thursday.

  4. yuka says:

    1. What is this story about?
    Main character is Louise Mallard who has a weak heart. One day, she heard that Brently, her husband, was dead for a train accident. The news had struck a fear into her heart, and she had stayed at her room. Her body also felt cold, and her mind and heart were empty. However, she changed her mind that she can become free everything and think about her future without her husband. Then, she understood that freedom is stronger than love. Finally, she opened her room’s door and felt happy. When she went downstairs, Brently came back home because he did not have the accident and even know it. When Louise saw him, it caused her heart attack, and she died of joy.

    2. What is the deeper message in this story?
    I think that Kate Chopin, the author of “The Story of an Hour”, satirized society that women’s rights were limited in the 19 century in Louisiana: most married women were considered to be the property of their husbands. Because of this, the scene, Louise shouted her body and mind were free, shows us that women in those days disentangled from their husbands. In other words, Louise could get woman’s right and free from Brently. In sum, Kate might want to change male society and appeal to public opinion.

  5. ria124 says:

    1. What is this story about?
    It is story about a woman’s life named Louise Mallard. She was married and had a disease of heart. One day, there was a bad news that her husband was involved a train accident and died. Because she had a disease, her sister and her husband’s friend told her about it softly. However, she could not listen as usual, and she was changed by that news. She couldn’t think anything and nothing to do. Also, she was confused if she loved her husband or not. It was in beginning of spring, so it influenced her too. When she felt the flesh air of spring, her mind was changed again. She thought she became freely, and very excited about her life without her husband in the future. She started to have a hope. The other side, actually, her husband was still alive. He did not involve a train accident. Although he back home safety, it was not good for Louise. When she knew the fact, she was dead.

    2. What is the deeper message in this story?
    I think the deeper message in this story is that it is important to be a free. When Louise was alive, any women did not have a right such as voting or freedom from their husband. At once, she was very disappointed about her husband though, she became to expect in her future when she realized that she was alone, it means, she became free from any limits. She was very excited and has a hope in her life. However, she was dead after she knew that her husband still alive actually. It might be caused by her heart disease, but also, it is likely that she lost her hope because of her husband. The life that is limited is bored and painful, so I think having free gives people a good influence to their life.

  6. DongJin, Kim says:

    1. This story is telling about one woman whose name is Louise who had weak heart was faced with one big accident from her sister that her husband passed away as the train accident. Of course, she got depressed. Her tears broke out, but soon after her crying was stopped. She went to upstair for rest. She wanted to be alone. When she was alone in her room, she tried to look out the window. She opened the window. At that time, she smelled like spring rain. She suddenly got freedom from nature things like bird singing. She felt freedom coming out from the sky. She cried, “Free” . Finally, even though her husband died, she felt freedom from routine life. By the way, what a shocked! Actually, her husband, Brently, wasn’t died. He was still alive. When he came back home, Richards, her sister’s husband, picked her up to her husband. Maybe she was too shocked to stop her heart beat because she had a weak heart. It had a bad ending.
    2. I read the tags next to paragraph,too. According to tags, the author wanted to say about the women’s freedom. I think, at this period, the women didn’t have the property. This story has ironical meaning. Following the story, Lousise who is main character thought she must have lost her husband. Acutually, if we lost our love suddenly, we would be depressed. By the way, this story tell opposite side. She got a freedom and happiness. The reality wasn’t allowed the women’s property. Dead husband showed up suddenly. When he came back, Louise was dead. In this scene, the author wanted to say to us something which women wanted to get freedom but they couldn’t have because of obstacles. In this scene, I think the husband is meaning of obstacle or limitation. To sum up, women couldn’t assume the property because of limitations from unfair society.

  7. Ayumi says:

    the main person of this story is Louise Mallard. she has very weak person she has husband who name is Brently but he was dead. she was very depressing about it. after few weeks she had rest and her feeling is getting better and feel more free. She saw the lots of nature from the world. actually her husband wasn’t dead. it was only that her husband came home late. after while she died with full of joy.

    i think author want to say, if something bad would happen to us, we have to live and sometime time would be solve.

  8. Hayami says:

    1. What is this story about?
      Louice had a weak heart, so they softly told her the bad news that her husband, Brently, was dead. At first, she couldn’t accept the fact but suddenly she cried and went to her room alone. Her mind and heart were empty and she was not thinking or seeing, but slowly she became excited. She understood that freedom is stronger than love and decided to live alone. However, her husband was actually alive. It was too late. She had a weak hart and she died of joy.

    2. What is the deeper message in this story?
    However your heart is weak and whatever happens, you can overcome a difficulty. Everything depends on how you look at it.

  9. Kasumi says:

    1. What is this story about?
    Louise has weak heart. She heard that her husband who is Brently was killed by train accident. She cried a lot and she wants to be alone so that she went to upstairs to rest. She open the door and she saw the tree and sky. Then she become excited. She knew that freedom is stronger than love. Her husband was not killed. He come back home. Finally , she died of joy.
    2. What is the deeper message in this story?
    You can solve problems by yourself. Your life is going to good way or bad way that how you think and what you do.

  10. Nishijima Kazuhiro says:

    1. What is this story about?
    The main character, Louice, had a weak heart. Also, there are a bad news. Her husband, Brently, was dead. Because of her weak heart, her sister and other people told the story softly. However, she got huge shocks. she cried loudly, and her heart were given damage. After she was crying, she have rest in her house, and she look at outside her window. bard was singing, and window was coming. Because of that, her heart beat fast, and she thought she could get free. She thought about future, and she was ready for living alone a lot of years in the future. Then, she became good health. However, her husband was alive. Actually, he was not killed by accident. That news was supposed to be a good news for her, but it is too late. She died of joy.

    2.What is deeper message in this story.
    I think this story tells that it is difficult to change one’s purpose that was thought deeply. First of the story, Louice only cried, but after that, she decided to live alone. Also, she thought she was free, and she was looking foreword to new life.This is her big decision, and her heart was ready for future. So the news that her husband was living broke her decision, and heart. I think most of people will not die if they are in same situation, but they will not be able to become happy dearly. Therefore, changing someone’s decision give them heart some damage.

  11. Kiyoka says:

    1.What is this story about?
    The main character, Louise Mallard, had a weak heart. One day, her husband’s friend, Richards, brought the news that her husband, Brently, was killed in an accident, and her friend, Josephine, told the news. Louise was surprised and filled with great sorrow. She cried loudly, and went her room alone. She sat down on the chair in front of the window, and looked out the window. She was cried loudly, so she was very tired, and her face doesn’t looks like younger. She feel that there was something coming to her, so she was waiting for it with fear.However, slowly she became excited, and she feel “free”. Her heart beat became fast, and her body was getting warm. Josepine and Richards were anxious about her. After she got up and opened the door, she looked like very healthy. Just then, her husband, Brendly came back home. He didn’t die in fact. However, it was too late. Her heart weakened, and she died of joy.

    2.What is the deeper massage in this story?
    I think this story said how important to be “free” is. Louise get free because of her husband’s death, so she feel exciting. To be “free” make us happier and more healthy.It is a little difficult to answer…

  12. DongOk says:

    1.What is this story about?
    This story main character is Louise Mallard, and she’s heart is weak. She’s husband name is Brently. Josephine, her sister, said that Brently was dead because of a train accident. Richards, her husband’s friend, brought news. She shocked. She went to her room, because she wants to stay alone. She saw the trees, and she heard birds sang. She’s felling is fear, but before long her felling is free and joy. She does not know why, but she like free more than love. She lives alone. One day, her husband came, and he is clad in rags. He did not know train accident, but she died because of heart attack.

    2. What is the deeper massage in this story?
    I think main character’s life is not comfortable. She does not have her own time and freedom, but suddenly her husband died, she knows the filling of freedom. When people live, freedom is more important than anything else.

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